Nikon School

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nikon School?

Very simply explained - Nikon is a camera brand, and Nikon School is a photography school!

We build the passion for good photos in everyone we get to meet, no matter of your age, skill level or even category of camera you own. With the understanding of a few basic concepts, anyone can capture the beauty in precious moments and everyday life, and at Nikon School, we'd be glad to help you capture such moments better.

Hang on, doesn't Nikon just sell cameras?
Not quite. While we may make the best cameras, they are still just tools until their owners use them effectively and this is where Nikon School comes in. Nikon School courses teach you how to get the best out of your camera and equipment, and equip you with the skills for great photography.
What kinds of courses are available?

Nikon School offers a wide range of courses aimed at photographers at all skill levels, in addition to covering a wide range of lifestyle experiences from astrophotography to time-lapse photography as - as well as topics that are always popular, such as city scenes!!

If you want to learn the individual skills and concepts of photography instead, our popular DSLR Essential Skills series is the best way to do so. We also provide training to help users of Nikon DSLRs, Nikon 1 and COOLPIX cameras get familiar with their controls. No matter what you like to shoot, our goal is to minimize the effort, time and cost that is often involved in becoming a good photographer, to help you become familiar and comfortable with your camera and know how to use it in a wide variety of situations!

Is there a course for complete beginners like me? Where do I begin, and how much time and money do I have to put in?

First, ensure that you know what your new Nikon DSLR or Nikon Mirrorless camera is about, by attending our "Getting Started with Your Nikon Camera" Basic Photography Class. It is a 2-hour course, conducted in either English or Mandarin and free if you bought your camera in Singapore from an Authorised Dealer (otherwise, standard course fees are $58).

With that done, the options are then endless. You can choose a course which covers a topic you’d love to capture, such as food, fashion or nature. If you prefer to learn more of photography, we have the "Your Nikon Photography Journey" course which will teach you all you need to know, in 3 short lessons, at a very affordable cost! You can also hang out and just shoot casually with us while learning a few tips in a relaxed setting with our outdoor Photowalks. No matter what it is, we will guide you step-by-step. And of course, there are many other activities, events and benefits as you continue to keep in touch with Nikon School. So, click onto our website and get started!

Who are your instructors?
We’re glad you asked. Nikon School believes that our teachers must have the necessary qualifications and experience, and that is why we engage only professional photographers to teach our paid courses. But we go one step beyond that – we also choose our Instructors based on the awards and certifications they possess, and we are proud of what they have, whether it is the National Geographic Windows into Asia and the World Photography Awards, or the 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide and Top 30 Wedding Photographers in Asia! Despite their achievements, they are chosen for their friendly and serious approach to learning, and they have the unselfish passion to educate others. Come join us now and experience the Nikon School difference for yourself.
Isn't there a free training for new camera buyers? What cameras are eligible?

You are eligible for a free basic photography class (Getting Started with Your Nikon Camera) if you have purchased a Nikon Z 50 or a DSLR (D3XXX, D5XXX, D7XXX, D6XX or D7XX series).
Owners of professional-grade cameras such as the Df, D500, D810, D810A, D850, D4s, D5 or D6 are not eligible.

(Series means any number for x. Therefore, D3x00 series includes D3000, D3100, D3200, D3300 and so on.)

However, please also note the following conditions:
a. You must have a Singapore Local Warranty Card and receipt proof that the camera was bought from an authorized dealer in Singapore
b. The camera must be less than 12 months old from the date of the training session that you intend to register for

I have a confession. I bought my camera from overseas or one of those deal-hunting websites, I think it’s called parallel import or “export set”. Can I still join the training?
You are still welcome to attend the basic photography course if you own an eligible camera model as stated above. However, you’ll be required to pay the standard course fees of $58. A friendly reminder though, parallel import products may have major issues when it comes to service and support, so for peace of mind, always get your camera and equipment from a Nikon Authorised Dealer!
What if I do not understand my first class, or missed some key points and want to return for a repeat session?
The Nikon School is the first photo school that allows you to come back for free basic photography class up to 12 sessions! You can enrol one time per month, up to 12 months from the date of your camera purchase. So if you bought your camera at Christmas and you need a “refresher” before your next holiday, we’ll be happy to see you at the next class.
What must I bring for the free training?
You will need:
  • Your camera, lens (if applicable), and fully-charged battery
  • Your receipt and warranty card (or the Proof of Payment letter that is emailed to you, if you are required to pay the $58 fees)
  • And, of course, yourself
  • That's all!
Can I bring my kids/partner/family/friends/pet lion/pet cactus?
While Nikon School is aimed at all ages, we have limited the number of seats in each class so we can provide a fun and engaging learning experience for everyone. This also gives attendees sufficient opportunities to ask questions and talk with others. If you are bringing a friend, please register separately for him or her. The same goes for kids, though if your kids are not comfortable with the lessons or have no interest in them, we’d discourage having your kids around. And no pets, please. Unless it is a pet photo course.
How do I make payment for my course fees?
We accept payment by VISA and MasterCard. If you have no access to a credit card, don’t worry – just click here to email us and we can make special arrangements.
What must I bring for paid courses?
For all paid courses, please remember to bring:
  • Proof of Registration and Payment letter (Sent to you via email, following confirmation of payment)
  • A fully-charged camera, necessary lenses, any other equipment asked for in the course description
  • Any other required documents such as IC, passports, driving licenses and so on
  • Now you're all set for an exciting day out!

Before the actual date of most of the paid courses, you will be receiving an email reminder from us too! That will state the Dos and Don'ts as well as all the necessaries you need to know before attending the course.

Will the photography course be cancelled in the event of bad weather?
Sometimes, the best shots are taken by the most persistent photographers in the toughest conditions! Some of our courses, such as Wildlife courses, may proceed rain or shine, and will only be cancelled in the event of really bad weather such as thunderstorms and lightning. For outdoor events, we recommend you bringing a disposable poncho or raincoat.
And what about if you cancel the course?
Should Nikon School courses be cancelled by the Nikon School team for any reason, don’t fret! We will arrange a replacement date or schedule participants for future intakes at our discretion. Refunds will only be issued if we are unable to schedule a make-up course.
I am not able to attend a paid course because I am sick, or I have a sudden work appointment, or my pet ate my homework. Will there be refunds, or can I attend the next session instead?

Please understand that when you pay for a paid course, the fee is used to guarantee payment to the instructor upfront. This is only fair to our instructors, who sacrifice their professional time to do this for Nikon School. Doing this also helps us to keep our fees to the bare minimum.

This is why Nikon School cannot issue refunds for paid courses for any reason, including sickness or sudden unforeseen engagement. For grave circumstances such as bereavement, please contact us at

However, we may be able to slot you into the next upcoming intake of the course, only if the instructor is OK with it. We may need you to show proof of your absence from the course. The instructor's decision on this matter is final.

Sorry, I don’t really like FAQs. I have my own question or feedback, and I want a personal answer. How can I get in touch?

To get in touch with the Nikon School, feel free to have a chat with us at 6559 3618 (Mon to Fri, 9am-5:30pm, except Public Holidays). You can also email us at

If you are going to be late for a paid course, or have to cancel at the last minute, or if you need help finding the venue, please call 8799 0076 or 9242 0539 only on the day of the course itself.