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Frequently Asked Questions

Nikon School Website FAQs

  • What is Nikon School?

  • Hang on, doesn’t Nikon just sell cameras?

  • What kinds of courses are available?

  • Is there a course for complete beginners like me? Where do I begin, and how much time and money do I have to put in?

  • Who are your instructors?

  • Isn’t there a free training for new camera buyers? What cameras are eligible?

  • I have a confession. I bought my camera from overseas or one of those deal-hunting websites, I think it’s called parallel import or “export set”. Can I still join the training?

  • What if I do not understand my first class, or missed some key points and want to return for a repeat session?

  • What must I bring for the free basic class?

  • Can I bring my kids/partner/family/friends/pet lion/pet cactus?

  • How do I make payment for my course fees?

  • What must I bring for paid courses?

  • Will the photography course be cancelled in the event of bad weather?

  • And what about if you cancel the course?

  • I am not able to attend a paid course because I am sick, or I have a sudden work appointment, or my pet ate my homework. Will there be refunds, or can I attend the next session instead?

  • Sorry, I don’t really like FAQs. I have my own question or feedback, and I want a personal answer. How can I get in touch?