Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What constitute the decision to postpone the Photo Fiesta?
Ans: In light of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus situation, participants and staff may run a risk of being quarantined should the situation worsen.
In consideration of the participants’ safety and possible inconveniences that may arise from proceeding with the Event, the Organisers have decided to postpone the event.

2. When would the Photo Fiesta be postponed to?
Ans:  It will be postponed till 4 to 6 September 2020.

3. Would there be an increase of the package price after the Event is moved to a later date?
Ans:  There will not be an increase in price for participants who have paid and not cancelled their bookings. We are too, speaking to our partners to offer more value to you for the Event in September.
Kindly note that payment received for the package will be held by TopLiners Club during this period, to lock in the special guaranteed pricing.

4. How can I proceed to request for a refund of my air tickets?
Ans:  You will need to contact the airline company that you have booked the tickets from. You may also try to request to claim the amount from your insurer, if you have bought your travel insurance.

You will find attached letter in the email for your reference. It may be presented to the airline company or your travel insurance company to process your claims. However please kindly note there is no guarantee from the Organisers nor TopLiners Club. 

5. Can I request for a refund of the tour package paid for the Photo Fiesta?
Ans:  Yes, you may do so. Please reply to the email with your preferred option, indicating your full name and contact number, and a representative from TopLiners Club will be in touch with you.

6. Should I purchase tickets for the flight now for the postponed Photo Fiesta in September 2020?
Ans: No, please wait for our advice before purchasing your ticket.

7. If I choose to get refund, how soon will I be receiving it?
Ans: You will get the refund in 4 – 6 weeks’ time and it will be made via funds transfer.

8. What if the situation is still uncertain in September 2020?
Ans: We will continue to monitor the situation and update you as and when necessary.

9. I am part of the group extending our trip, is it affected too?
Ans: Yes, it is affected and will be postponed to September 2020 too. TopLiners Club personnel will be in touch with you pertaining to this matter.