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COOLSHOT 20 GII Golf Laser Rangefinder provides accurate distance measurements for golfing. Shop Nikon rangefinders!
Nikon's COOLSHOT 20 compact golf laser rangefinder has been re-born for 2019 as the COOLSHOT 20 GII, with an increased ranging capability. With eight seconds of continuous measurement and First Target Priority, the new COOLSHOT 20 GII enables easy distance assessment to bunkers, fairway ends, dogleg corners, and ultimately the flagstick. As the smallest, most compact model in Nikon's rangefinder line, COOLSHOT 20 GII guides you from the first tee-box: is the group ahead of you within your range? Did you choose the correct Club? Answer the question with the COOLSHOT 20 GII.
Display SKUBKA154YA
Measurement Range5-730m
Power source1 CR2 Lithium Battery