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Digital SLR Camera D5200

November 6, 2012

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation released the D5200 digital SLR camera today, a compact and lightweight entry-level model that delivers exceptional performance via Nikon's all-new DX-format CMOS sensor, which has an effective pixel count of approximately 24.1-million pixels. Building upon the D5100, this camera possesses greatly enhanced optical technologies, including an optimised EXPEED 3 image-processing engine, based on the one built into Nikon's D4 flagship camera.

Highlights - D5200

Created for full-scale photography enthusiasts, the D5200 boasts an image-processing engine that offers superior resolution and image quality with very little noise at high sensitivities, the same quality and more delivered by the EXPEED 3 built into the high-end Nikon D4, D800, D800E, and D600 digital SLR cameras. This model's performance is further enhanced via Nikon's brand new DX-format CMOS sensor with an effective pixel count of approximately 24.1-million pixels. And just like the D5100, the D5200's side-hinged vari-angle monitor gives users shooting flexibility from any angle and the ability to take self portraits.

With the most focus points available in its class - 39 - the D5200 offer fast and reliable focus acquisition and tracking. The Scene Recognition System, which uses the same 2,016-pixel RGB sensor found in high-end Nikon cameras, accurately analyses a scene's brightness and colour information to a new degree, with the benefits clearly reflected when the autofocus, automatic-exposure, i-TTL balanced fill-flash, and auto white-balance functions are used. The camera also sports a broad range of standard sensitivities, from ISO 100 to ISO 6400, with even higher available settings; (Hi 2) is equivalent to approximately ISO 25600.

For aspiring directors or those simply looking for a fun way to express themselves, the D-Movie function supports recording in 1920 x 1080 60i/50i, which means picture-perfect and highly detailed HD movies. In addition, the combination of the Special Effects mode that allows users to apply and adjust custom effects while shooting, with the vari-angle LCD monitor that gives users the freedom to shoot from a wide range of angles, means that original and creative movies, as well as still images, are a button press away.

What's more, the D5200 is the embodiment of convenience, with the camera possessing the ability to connect with smart devices via the Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a (sold separately), or be remotely controlled via the new Wireless Remote Controller WR-R10/WR-T10 (both available separately). When the WU-1a is connected to the camera, images can be transferred to smart devices, such as a smart phone or tablet1. The smart device can also be used to operate the camera remotely. In addition, by connecting the all-new WR-R10 (transceiver) and WR-T10 (transmitter) to the D5200, users can remotely control the camera from greater distances, broader angles and even through obstacles - far superior when compared to infrared remote control. The WR-T10 transmitter can also be used to control multiple cameras at the same time, via multiple WR-R10 receivers.

1 The Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility app must first be installed on the smart device (the app can be downloaded free of charge from the smart device's app store).

Primary Features - D5200

1. All-New! Nikon's 24.1-million Pixel DX-format CMOS Sensor - Support For A Broad Range Of ISO Sensitivities Resulting In Superior Image Quality And Definition

The D5200's DX-format CMOS sensor helps capture clear and sharp images with very little noise, even at higher sensitivities. This is achieved through an effective pixel count of approximately 24.1-million pixels, which supports a broad range of standard ISO sensitivities, from ISO 100 at the low end to ISO 6400 at the high end, The camera offers even higher ISO capabilities - (Hi 2) is equivalent to approximately ISO 25600. When used in conjunction with NIKKOR lenses, which feature Nikon's advanced optical technologies, the finest details will be sharply rendered via the approximate 24.1-million effective pixels.

2. Optimised EXPEED 3 Image-Processing Engine - Faster And More Efficient

Equipped with an enhanced, high-performance EXPEED 3 image-processing engine, based on the one built into Nikon's high-end FX-format D4, D800, D800E, and D600, the D5200 offer precise rendering, reproduces colours vividly and features a broad dynamic range. Advanced noise-reduction processing effectively suppresses noise to preserve textures and details when shooting still images at high sensitivities. The same technology ensures that movies feature crisp, clear outlines, even when shooing in low-light situations.

3. Stress-Free Shooting: Cutting-EdgeBasic Camera Performance And Operation

Best In-Class AF system- 39 AF Points

Utilising the Multi-CAM4800DX autofocus sensor module, the D5200 will always acquire and track the intended subject with 39 focus points. Along with cross-type sensors for the nine centre focus points, which are used the most often, users can count on reliable focusing and excellent tracking performance. In addition, the number of active focus points can be limited to 11.

2,016-pixel RGB Sensor With Built-In Scene Recognition System

The Scene Recognition System automatically detects shooting conditions and analyses a scene's brightness and colour information, which is used by the autofocus, auto-exposure, i-TTL balanced fill-flash, and auto white-balance functions. For the best and most apparent results, users should enable 3D-tracking, which is optimal for capturing moving objects. The system can also better identify smaller subjects, when compared to the D5100. What's more, up to 35 faces can be recognised when recording movies in live view mode with the Face-priority AF enabled, or when faces are enlarged during playback of still images.

High-Speed Continuous Shooting - Up To Approximately 5 fps1

With the ability to continuously shoot at up to approximately 5 fps, users will never miss the perfect shot, whether framing images in the optical viewfinder or via the camera's monitor. With the densely packed 39 focus points effectively covering the majority of the frame, the D5200 will always acquire and track the intended subject, even rapidly moving ones. Users also have the option of selecting the optimal frame rate for capturing natural human expressions during high-speed continuous shooting, which is approximately 3 fps.

*1 With manual focus, [S] (shutter-priority auto) or [M] (manual) shooting mode, shutter speed 1/250 s or faster, and other settings at default values.

4. Vari-angle LCD Monitor - Stress-Free Shooting From Any Angle

The large, 3-inch, approximately 921k-dot LCD monitor features a wide viewing angle and accurate previews. It opens to the left from 0-180°, and when opened, can be rotated 180° forwards and 90° backwards. The side-hinge prevents the monitor from hitting a tripod and allows it to open and rotate without obstruction, for flexible and stress-free shooting, making self portraits possible as well.

5. Nikon's D-Movie 1920 x 1080 60i/50i - Smooth, Cinematic Action VideosWith Superior Picture Quality

The ability to record pristine 1920 x 1080 60i/50i movies is now just a button press away. Nikon's new DX-format CMOS sensor, with an effective pixel count of approximately 24.1-million pixels, and enhanced, high-speed EXPEED 3 image-processing engine ensure sharp and clear movies with little noise, jaggies or moire patterns.

When filming moving objects or subjects, the user simply enables Contrast-detect AF to activate autofocusing. When the focus mode is set to Full-time servo AF (AF-F) and the AF-area mode to Subject-tracking AF, the camera automatically focuses on a subject moving through the frame.

Users can also manually1 set shutter speed and ISO sensitivity according to their own preferences. Optional recording frame rates range from 60i or 50i (1080), or 24p, 25p or 30p (1080) per second. The camera is equipped with a stereo microphone for excellent audio quality when recording movies. Stereo sound can also be captured via the optional Stereo Microphone ME-1.

1Available shutter speeds vary according to the selected movie frame rate. ISO sensitivity can be selected within the range of ISO 200-6400 and Hi 0.3-Hi 2.

6. Special Effects Mode - Creative Imaging Expression

Seven1 special effects can be applied to still images and movies. With the option of previewing the special effect on the monitor before capturing or recording the image or movie, users can adjust or confirm results of the effect in real time. Movie lovers can now easily insert and enjoy dramatic effects like those created through special effects in the movies with a few simple clicks. Expressing creativity and style have never been so easy.

1 D5200 special effects: Selective Colour, Colour Sketch, Miniature Effect, Night Vision, Silhouette, High Key, Low Key. Colour Sketch, Miniature Effect, and Selective Colour can also be applied to images already recorded from the retouch menu.

7. Smart Device Compatibility - Wireless Image Transfer Via Optional Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a

By connecting the Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a (sold separately) to the D5200, the live view function can be displayed on a smartphone or tablet's screen. The user can capture an image remotely (remote movie recording not supported), and images captured with the D5200 can be transferred to the smart device1 over a wireless connection.

The Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a expands the ways in which users can enjoy the photos and movies they have recorded with the D5200 and a NIKKOR lens. Users can immediately transfer images to family and friends, or upload them to blogs or social networking sites, anywhere and at anytime.

True, high-quality photos and movies recorded with a compatible digital SLR camera can be easily shared with a smart device by using the Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a.

1 The Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility app must first be installed on the smart device (the app can be downloaded free of charge from the smart device's app store).

8. Stress-Free Remote Shooting - Wireless Remote Controller WR-R10/WR-T10

Shooting remotely is now simple and convenient by connecting the WR-R10 (transceiver) to the D5200 and using the WR-T10 (transmitter) as the controller. Wireless control (which uses electromagnetic waves) is much more efficient than infrared remote control, as obstacles such as trees and walls no longer impede communication between the transceiver and transmitter. In addition, the camera can now be operated from greater distances and broader angles using the WR-R10/WR-T10. Operations such as autofocusing (when the shutter-release button is pressed halfway), movie recording, continuous shooting, and quiet release mode, is possible.

An WR-T10 can be used to remotely control a single camera, which is connected to an WR-R10. However, it can also control multiple cameras as long as those machines are all connected to individual WR-R10s. The ability to control one camera or multiple cameras with different lenses at varying angles using a single controller gives users license to express their creativity, a scene or subject like never before. Along with the vari-angle monitor, users can enjoy even more creative freedom.

Additional Features and Functions-D5200

  • The D5200 is available in three colours - black, red and bronze. The connector cover and power connector cover are the same colours as the camera bodies.
  • Weighing approximately 555g1, the compact and lightweight D5200 offers superior operation, functionality and grip.
  • The D5200 is equipped with a new graphical user interface (GUI) for intuitive operation.

1 Including the battery and SD memory card; excluding the body cap.
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