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Digital Compact Camera Nikon COOLPIX S6500 / S2700

January 8, 2013

Nikon is launching two COOLPIX S-series models - the slim S6500 with Wi-Fi® compatibility and high-power zoom, and the stylish S2700 with extensive automatic shooting functions and easy operation

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of two new COOLPIX S-series models that each incorporates advanced functions in a stylish design.

The S6500 is a compact wide-angle, high-power zoom model equipped with a backside illumination CMOS image sensor with 16.0 million effective pixels. It also comes with a 12x optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers a broad range of angles, from 25 mm to 300 mm (both equivalent in 35-mm [135] format). Further, with Wi-Fi® compatibility, users can directly upload high-quality images and movies to social networking sites through a smart device. The new S6500 also features five new Glamour Retouch effects, including Brighten Faces and Whiten Teeth. In addition to expanding Nikon's proposal for new ways to enjoy connecting with digital cameras, the S6500 offers extensive features that allow users to further enjoy their photos after they have been taken.

The slim S2700 not only features a 6x optical zoom NIKKOR lens, whose wide-angle and zoom capabilities allow it to capture different perspectives. It is also equipped with an extensive selection of automatic shooting functions, including six types of Scene Auto Selector modes. The camera also features a variety of image editing functions such as Special Effects and Filter Effects -- which enable first-time digital camera users to enjoy shooting and editing images through simple operations -- as well as advanced functions such as Motion Detection and Subject Tracking. On top of that, the S2700 caters to users looking for a unique camera, by offering it in Decorative Pink or Decorative Purple versions that come with flower designs on the body’s front surface.


COOLPIX S6500 Primary Features

1. A 12x optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers a broad range of angles of view from the wide-angle 25 mm to 300 mm (equivalent in 35-mm [135] format)

The S6500 is equipped with a backside illumination CMOS image sensor with an effective pixel count of 16.0 million pixels, and a high-performance, high-power zoom NIKKOR lens with lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function. The slim and stylish camera can easily be taken anywhere to capture a wide variety of scenes, from wide-angle landscape shots to close-ups of people's expressions using the zoom or macro close-up shooting up to about 8 cm from the front of the lens.

2. Wi-Fi® compatibility to enjoy instant connection through smart devices

With built-in Wi-Fi®, users can easily transfer images and movies to smart devices such as smartphones and tablets,* and share high-quality images and movies with friends and family by easily uploading them to social networking sites. Users can also use smart devices to remotely shoot pictures; a convenient feature for group photos. Moreover, information data on smart devices can be linked with the camera.

*This function requires installing a Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility to the smart device prior to use. The utility can be downloaded at no charge from the appropriate application store.

3. A total of eight Glamour Retouch effects, including five new effects

In addition to the previously available Glamour Retouch effects (Skin Softening, Small Face and Big Eyes), the following five effects are now also available: Brighten Faces, which lightens skin tones; Hide Eye Bags, which reduces the effects of bags and darkening under the eyes; Whiten Teeth and Whiten Eyes, which make teeth and the whites of eyes appear whiter; and Redden Cheeks, which applies a blush effect to the cheeks for a lively, glowy look (orange, red, blue-pink and yellow-pink colours can be selected). With these eight effects, users can make adjustments to match their vision and create more memorable portraits.

4. A wide variety of shooting functions for capturing decisive moments

The S6500 features Smile Timer with Continuous Shooting, where the camera captures up to five images continuously and saves them all; and BSS, which captures up to five images continuously and saves the one that best captured the smile. The camera is also equipped with the superior functions of previous models, including Target Finding AF, where the camera will automatically focus on the most suitable subject just by pointing at it; Scene Auto Selector, which automatically sets the optimal scene mode; and Face Priority AF, which automatically detects and focuses on human faces.

5. High-quality, full-HD movie recording capability with stereo sound at the press of a button

Full-HD, 1920x1080, 30 fps movies with stereo sound and superior picture quality can be recorded at the simple press of a button on the back of the camera. The S6500 also features a function that allows for pausing in the middle of movie recording. By saving multiple scenes recorded intermittently in the case of unwanted portions in a single file, users can enjoy playing back one continuous movie. Users can also edit movies to trim selected scenes from the footage.


COOLPIX S2700 Primary Features

1. Equipped with a 6x optical NIKKOR lens for wide-angle to zoom shooting in a slim body

The S2700 features a 6x optical zoom NIKKOR lens for the coverage of a broad range of angles of view, from the wide-angle 26 mm to 156 mm (equivalent in 35-mm [135] format). This allows for shooting not only a variety of everyday scenes with simple operations, but also close-ups of people up to about 5 cm from the front of the lens.

2. Extensive automatic shooting features that enable simple shooting for first-time users

The Scene Auto Selector mode automatically selects the optimal scene mode for the subject or scene. By simply pointing at the desired object, the camera will determine the optimal scene out of the available six scene modes (Portrait, Night portrait, Landscape, Night landscape, Backlighting, Close-up), eliminating the hassle of changing settings. This guarantees easy shooting of good-looking photos, even for first-time users of a digital camera.

3. A wide variety of image editing functions to further enjoy captured images

Capture images with your desired colour and tone with the help of the Special Effects menu prior to shooting, and enhance your photographs without a computer by post-processing them in-camera using Filter Effects.

4. Superior performance

Users can take sharper images without worrying about possible blurs or missing photo opportunities using features such as Motion Detection, which automatically increases shutter speeds by detecting camera shake and the movement and speed of the subject; and Target Finding AF, which automatically selects and focuses on the AF area according to subject movement.

5. A wide range of colour variations and a unique design

In addition to five body colours-- silver, black, red, purple and blue -- there are also the Decorative Pink and Decorative Purple models which feature flower motifs on the front surface. Users have a total of seven variations from which to select a model that best fits their style.


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