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Nikon Launches HD Video Showcase with New Zealand Photographers

May 12, 2011

Nikon Asia is delighted to launch a series of four exclusive HD video clips in an effort to contribute to the vibrant and growing pool of HD videos created by digital-SLR camera enthusiasts today.

In order to create this series of exclusive HD Videos, Nikon worked with two guest photographers – Paul Daly, an award-winning photography lecturer of photography, and Giora Dan, an experienced reportage photographer – in an exciting project that required them to explore beyond their comfort zones and venture into HD video with the purpose of giving Nikon users a glimpse of what is possible to create with HD video.  

As photography has been evolving, so has the way photographers have been expressing themselves, with HD video increasingly becoming a big part of photography. Nikon embarked on this HD Video Showcase site to inspire others on how video in DSLRs could go beyond simple movement and sound recording – it allows the imaginative photographer to use Nikon's quality optics and industry leading digital imaging technology in combination to bring imagery to life.

Screenshot of

Screenshot of 'Blown Away'

The four videos will be launched in two parts. “Blown Away” and “Pacific Island Paradise” will be launched today, and “Perfect Coffee” and “Southern Island Adventure” will come to screens next month in June.

View the HD Video Showcase

The subject topics were conceptualised and developed by Paul and Giora into short video excerpts that utilised the HD video features of Nikon’s D3S, D300S and D7000 digital-SLR camera models. Being avid travelers and adventurers themselves, Paul and Giora also decided to choose topics and venues that would delight viewers with its unique sports and exciting geographical locations, found only in New Zealand and its nearby pacific islands. For example, Pacific Island Paradise was filmed in the sunny and colourful Cook Islands, where culture and tradition is set in the backdrop of a tropical coastal landscape.

In creating these video clips, Paul and Giora’s main goal was to push the limits and demonstrate what was really possible with HD video on DSLRs beyond still image photography. They sought to express Speed and Movement, which were the main inspirations behind “Blown Away” and “Pacific Island Paradise”, the first two videos to be launched.

Says Paul Daly of the experience:

“Shooting the videos has been very rewarding process, but has also been a huge learning curve. It has encouraged me to do and try more experimental and interesting things each time I pick up the camera. It has been a real ‘what if?’ situation, where by I have constantly been pushing the limits of what I know, saying to myself, ‘what if I tried this angle, or that setting, how would it effect the final result?’ It has definitely been a great experience and plenty of fun to boot.”

In the upcoming next two videos to be launched in June, viewers can look forward to a bit of drama in “Perfect Coffee” and “Southern Island Adventure”. “Perfect Coffee” will seek to express the exasperation of a typical office worker who ran out of coffee!

Effects of the recent New Zealand Earthquake

During filming of the first two videos, the photographers were badly set back by the 6.3-magnitude earthquake that struck near Christchurch, New Zealand, on February 22. It caused extensive damage to the city and the photographers’ studio.

With the city roads and electricity lines in upheaval, this was a major hurdle to overcome as there were days when the photographers could not continue with their work or video editing, and had difficulty having their entire studio and filming crew present.
Furthermore, with the landscape of Christchurch now in devastation, Paul and Giora had to travel from Christchurch to Queenstown to shoot certain city scenes for “Perfect Coffee”.

These disruptions caused them a few reshoots and delays in schedule. In spite of these challenges, the photographers were determined to continue the HD project with Nikon and up to today, have presented Nikon with their first two completed video clips. Nikon is therefore proud to showcase this effort in light of the recent difficulties these photographers faced.

View the HD Video Showcase now, brought to you by Nikon Asia and guest photographers Paul Daly and Giora Dan. The site is found at

View the HD Video Showcase now, brought to you by
Nikon Asia and guest photographers Paul Daly and Giora Dan.

View the HD Video Showcase

About the photographers

Paul DalyPaul Daly is a multi award winning landscape and commercial photographer who is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Specialising in landscape imagery, he not only photographs the landscape itself, but uses it as a location for his commercial imagery.

Paul's imagery has been seen in a large range of publications from books, calendars and postcards, to product packaging, web sites and television commercials. Art prints of Paul's New Zealandlandscapes have been shipped to all corners of the globe, and have been installed in corporate office's around New Zealand.

His New Zealand based work has had him involved in photographing landscape assignments for New Zealand Geographic Magazine, has had work published in German GEO Magazine and also contributed to New Zealand Geographic's 20th anniversary book. He has also been keeping people up to date on his blog ( which gives people an insight to what is involved and achieved not only on his professional photographic assignments, but also on his self assigned projects.

Paul is now in high demand lecturing on landscape photography, digital capture and the resulting computer based post production, at both a tertiary level at the University of Canterbury, at secondary level in adult community education, and at amateur level through local camera clubs.

Giora Dan
Giora Dan is an internationally published documentary & commercial photographer based in Christchurch New Zealand. He is an experienced photographic educator, having taught at tertiary level for ‘The Design and Art College’ (Christchurch). He regularly lectures in tertiary institutions and secondary schools. He has also taught a range of community education programmes.

Giora has worked on a variety of documentary assignments ranging from low lying Pacific atolls to mountain monasteries in Asia. His images have been widely published in geographical magazines in North America, Europe, Africa and the Asia/ Pacific region, including NZ Geographic, the Smithsonian Magazine, Geo and British Geographical. He has worked for the International Federation of the Red Cross/ Crescent on projects focusing on raising awareness of global warming in the Pacific region.

Giora was the principle photographer for Asian UNESCO heritage sites for ‘Our Place World Heritage’ Publishing.  His work for this project covered a territory that stretched from Israel and Turkey in the west to Japan in the east. His brief was to capture human interaction within and around these sites.

Giora specialises in food and classic automotive photography as a personal passion. He also has a reputation for edgy and creative work in both architectural and fashion photography. Together with photographer Paul Daly, Giora has founded Nomadic Planet Ltd (A photography/ video production company).


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View the HD Video Showcase