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Nikon Launches Most Advanced P-Series Cameras

February 1, 2012

COOLPIX P310 and P510 offer superior performance and image quality


Tokyo - Nikon Corporation – Building upon the highly successful COOLPIX P-series, a line of multi-function, high-performance compact digital cameras with full-scale photographic capabilities, Nikon released two new COOLPIX P-series models, COOLPIX P310 and COOLPIX P510 today. Featuring some of the brand's most advanced technology, including built-in lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function and an effective 16.1-million pixel count, these cameras are set to offer some of the best imaging solutions in the market.


Camera Highlights


The successor to COOLPIX P300 – the founding camera of a new branch of compact, wide-angle zoom cameras in COOLPIX P-series last year – the P310 offers the same fast maximum aperture f/1.8 lens that has proven so popular. Improvements include even better image quality through a 16.1-million pixel image sensor and a lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function for camera shake compensation equivalent to a four-step increase in shutter speed.



A compact, high-power zoom camera with an even greater zoom ratio than its predecessor the COOLPIX P5001, this new model is equipped with an amazing 42x optical zoom lens that covers a broad range of focal lengths, from wide-angle at 24 mm to telephoto at 1,000 mm2. COOLPIX P510 also offers the lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function for camera shake compensation, equivalent to a four-step increase in shutter speed, and a new GPS function.

Shared Advanced Technology
Both COOLPIX P310 and COOLPIX P510 are equipped with a backside illumination CMOS sensor with an effective 16.1-million pixel count for significantly less noise when shooting at high sensitivities; this results in beautiful images with little noise, even in dimly lit surroundings. In addition, a noise reduction burst feature that utilises automatic image overlay technology produces images with minimal noise. This is applied in the Night Portrait, Backlighting and Night Landscape scene modes.

These new models also have a number of extra shooting and editing functions, including
COOLPIX Picture Control, which allows users to adjust the vividness of colours or degree of sharpening applied to images prior to shooting – according to the type of subject or scene, shooting conditions or intent. What's more, frequently used shooting menu items can easily be assigned to the new customisable function button, making the cameras' full range of capabilities even more user-friendly and simple.

*1 The COOLPIX P500 represented a landmark in the history of the COOLPIX series with the highest zoom ratio ever upon its release.

*2 Equivalent in 35 mm [135] format

Primary Features – COOLPIX P310 and P510

1. Effective 16.1-Million Pixel Backside Illumination CMOS Sensor

The backside illumination CMOS sensor allows each pixel to receive light more efficiently for superior high-speed processing performance. The image overlay and advanced noise reduction technologies offered by this CMOS sensor allow the camera to adjust sensitivity and shutter speed when shooting night landscapes and indoor pictures under dim lighting. This is achieved as the camera takes a series of images, which is combined into a single image – users can now shoot under difficult conditions and still achieve their desired results. Images exhibiting very little noise can be captured at high sensitivities up to ISO 3200 or a setting of Hi 1 (equivalent to ISO 6400).

What's more, Landscape and Close-up scene modes also utilise the image overlay technology with the noise reduction burst option to produce crisp, clear images exhibiting very little noise. This is in addition to Night Portrait, Backlighting and Night Landscape scene modes for which image overlay technology was previously adopted. 

2. Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction (VR) Function – Sharper Images With Less Blur

Equipped with a lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function that offers camera shake compensation equivalent to a four-step increase in shutter speed, these cameras produce sharper images with less blur even when users are shooting via hand-held means. This optical vibration reduction is effective when shooting still-images and recording full-HD movies.

3. COOLPIX Picture Control – Optimising Images Prior To Shooting

Built into COOLPIX P310 and COOLPIX P510 for the first time ever, COOLPIX Picture Control allows users to adjust how vivid or sharp the images should be prior to shooting according to subject type or scene, shooting conditions, or intent. This function can be used in all four exposure modes – [P] programmed auto, [A] aperture-priority auto, [S] shutter-priority auto, [M] manual – with a total of four preset Picture Controls and six options for fine tuning Picture Controls. Users can also register up to two custom Picture Controls via the cameras' frequently used settings.

Four Picture Controls – Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome
Standard (default setting) – Standard processing for balanced results.
Neutral – Minimal processing for natural results.
Vivid – Produces pictures that are more vivid and alive. Use for pictures of flowers or images that emphasise primary colours.
Monochrome – Take black-and-white, sepia toned or other monochrome pictures to create a nostalgic effect.

Options For Fine Tuning Picture Controls 
Quick Adjust, Image Sharpening, Contrast, Saturation3, Filter Effects4, Toning4

*3 Not available for Monochrome Picture Control.

*4 Only available for Monochrome Picture Control.


4. Record Customisable Full-HD Movies With Optical Zoom

These cameras can record full-HD movies (1920 x 1080 pixels) with stereo sound through a variety of functions; these range from the lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function and optical zoom which can be used during recording, to Special Effects which can be applied to movies. What's more, movies recorded using the HS Movie function can be viewed in slow motion at 1/2 or 1/4 the normal playback speed to create a dramatic effect, or sped up to twice the normal playback speed. Full-HD movies can be played back on a TV via an HDMI connector, and users can control the playback using the TV's remote control, as the cameras support the CEC feature for HDMI.

5. Bright And Ultra-Clear 3-inch, 921k-dot TFT LCD Monitor

A bright, approximately 921k-dot TFT LCD monitor with an anti-reflection coating is an integral part of both cameras, offering wide viewing angle and bright display under sunny skies and clear viewing indoors. Users can scroll through their beautiful, high-resolution images outside on sunny days or inside a brightly lit room. In addition, the expanded colour reproduction range covers a broader range of colours, nearly reproducing the entire sRGB gamut.


Additional Primary Features – COOLPIX P310

1. Nikon Optical Technologies For Stunning Landscapes And Night Landscapes

       NIKKOR Lens With Fast Maximum Aperture Of f/1.8
A number of Nikon's optical technologies have been concentrated in the f/1.8 lens built into COOLPIX P310, resulting in the fastest5 lens available in a compact digital camera. 

*5 Based on Nikon research as of February 1, 2012.

High Refractive-Index Lens – Resulting In A More Compact Body
By adopting a high refractive-index lens with a refractive index of 2.0 or higher, which compensates for both curvature of field and spherical aberration, Nikon has created a smaller and lighter camera. The lens also enables sharper rendering for greater contrast throughout the entire frame.

4.2x Optical Zoom Lens With Built-In Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction (VR)
Equipped with a lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function that offers camera shake compensation equivalent to a four-step increase in shutter speed, the P310 captures sharper, less blurry images, even when the user is shooting via hand-held means. This lens is perfect for shooting landscapes and large group photos, as it covers a wide range of focal lengths from 24 mm into the telephoto range of 100 mm (equivalent in 35 mm [135] format).

2. Shooting Functions For Precise Photography

The P310 is equipped with numerous shooting and in-camera image editing functions that give users the option of mastering the camera via manual operation. Among these are the four exposure modes—[P], [A], [S], [M], nine special effects and five filter effects.

What's more, COOLPIX P310 preserves exciting scenes beautifully with high-speed continuous shooting of up to five images at approximately 7 fps6, at the maximum image size setting (16M 4608x3456).

*6 Continuous frame rate may decrease depending on image quality and size settings, memory card type, or shooting conditions. Continuous frame rate decreases at an ISO Sensitivity setting of 3200 or Hi 1.

Nine Special Effects
Prior to shooting, users can select a specific exposure and adjust the colour of the resulting image by setting the desired requirements via the Special Effects menu. And in addition to the Soft, High Key, Low Key, Nostalgic Sepia, and High-contrast Monochrome options which were available with COOLPIX P300, P310 offers four additional options. A Selective Colour option that results in black-and-white images in which only the specified colour remains; a Silhouette option that creates silhouette photographs of subjects against a bright background; a Painting option that creates images that look similar to paintings; and a High ISO Monochrome option that creates monotone (black-and-white) images intentionally, captured at high ISO sensitivities.

Five Filter Effects – Post Editing
The P310 possesses in-camera editing functions for simple image adjustment and enhancement without the use of a computer. In addition to the Cross Screen, Fisheye, Miniature Effect, and Painting filters available with the P300, the P310 has an additional Selective Colour filter effect.

Additional Primary Features – COOLPIX P510

1. Powerful 42x Optical Zoom NIKKOR Lens – Highest Zoom Ratio7 In COOLPIX History

The P510's 42x optical zoom NIKKOR lens covers an extensive range of focal lengths beginning at the wide-angle 24 mm all the way up to the super telephoto 1,000 mm (equivalent in 35 mm [135] format). The camera can capture of a wide variety of subjects, from objects that are far away to macro photography to wide-angle shots.

*7 As of February 1, 2012.

2. Target Finding AF – Nikon's Exclusive High-Performance Image Analysis Technology
       Developed exclusively by Nikon, users can fully utilise this function by simply pointing the camera at the subject and the camera automatically predicts and selects the focus area and focus area size. As the active focus area is automatically specified in accordance with the size of the subject, the resulting images are sharp and in focus. What's more, the Target Finding AF works for off-centre subjects as well – a capability that is clearly exhibited when shooting smaller subjects such as flowers, food and the like.

3. Improved Scene Auto Selector Mode – Nine Automatic Scene Modes
The Scene Auto Selector mode built into COOLPIX P510 is more advanced than previous versions, allowing for more precise and specific identification of scenes. Through this feature the camera automatically identifies the scene and shooting conditions and selects the optimal scene mode.  Scene Auto Selector can choose from nine scene modes – two Portrait options, Landscape, two Night Portrait options, Night Landscape, Close-up, and two Backlighting options – but is actually capable of automatically identifying 16 scenes.

4. GPS – Record Shooting Location Information And Tracking Routes
Information acquired by GPS is recorded with the images and when ViewNX 2 is used, a map showing the shooting locations is displayed on the monitor. COOLPIX P510 also offers a log function that records movement over a specified interval, as a log data, even when the camera is not in use or is turned off; user can preserve a record of their movement during their vacation per say as a file for later viewing. What's more A-GPS files can be downloaded to increase GPS satellite acquisition time and for smoother operation, when the camera is turned on.


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February 2012